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As the quarterly report shows, PUB HTML5 has made a great progress in the past three month. In December, the sales doubled compared with that in October. This is due to the update of its four main products in November, which drove the quality of the flipbook tools up to another level. For one hand, the update added lots of creative functions which were based on the customers’ need. For another hand, it integrated a series of 3D functions and effects with easy-to-handle feature in the tools. This new 3D feature generated the public's interest and had a great vogue in that month. It well distinguished the PDF to HTML5 Converter products from ordinary flip book makers and first stimulated the sales. Then in the following days, PUB HTML5 seized the moment and kept upgraded for the four main tools every three weeks and each time they all get a surprise from their sales figures.


The released version 3.0 for PUB HTML5 PDF to HTML5 Converter. This time they added new function for to its Page Editor which can help users insert text and font in the pages. With the tool, there is no problem to custom text content in the PDF page. Users can freely add extra details to an empty page or an existing page after they import the pages to the page flip book maker. In addition, the font can be applied with 12 background filling color and 22 font artistic styles! It is known that people need to install an art fontlib in the computer if they want to use unique and special font style that the computer doesn’t have. However, this font editor owns its own font libraries. Users have no need to install extra thing anymore. This is the same for their readers who reads their published the flipping book. Although it is not the professional page editor like Micro Word, it still shows its powerful strength in editing which can cater to most of the basic needs of users.

In addition to the 3D technology application, PDF to HTML5 Converter has many flexible features, such as users are allowed to customize their own flipping book interface freely. The template will mainly determine the layout of a flipping book. And then, users can import background image, define buttons on toolbar, and enable some functions. There are two parts of the PDF to HTML5 Converter interface. The preview interface and design interface. Users can preview the flipping book immediately when there is any change. It also provides more than one hundred design setting items. Users can design the e-book according to specific needs. For example, they can choose to show or hide the About button, Zoom in button, Print button, Download button and so on. Show buttons means to enable related functions for readers.