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How to setup the book thickness of the folded edge self-adaption?

Almost all the book we have read before seems without the engagement of page quantity. Nobody will make a rule deliberately to limit the book thickness. PDF to Flipping Book 3D also do nothing limitation on page number. It means that you can make software itself self-adaption to reach a suitable thickness or custom a value show it with the measurement of pixel. Especially for digital publications, it would be a failure if you omit this detail.

Step1: Start up PDF to Flipping Book 3D, pitch on the second tab named Settings.
Step2: Move your eyesight horizontally on the menu and seek for Auto Scale.
Step3: Check Auto Scale, the software will do self-adaption for the importing PDF.
Step4: Uncheck Auto Scale, you can enter any number only if it is reasonable on the below form of Page Thickness.




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