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PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro


For Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro

Embed multimedia on flash PDF flipping sheets on Mac OS.

  • smart way to convert PDF to flipping flash book adopting real 3D technology easily.
  • Built-in hundreds of powerful page editing tools fully control 3D flash book layout and style.
  • Supply with plenty of templates to help 3D flipping pages construction free for all.
  • Rich social network resource help spread your 3D flip publication anywhere of Internet.
  • Support Print, bookmark, full screen, magnification, multi language, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Embed multimedia video, YouTube, image, hyperlink, Slideshow, button, sound, etc.
  • Unlimited number of flipping books conversions without paying royalties.
    (PDF to Flipping Book 3D Professional Winows version: For Windows XP, Win7)
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Flash Player 10.0+

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PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Professional Converter - creates True 3D page turning magazine on Mac computers


PDF to Flipping Book 3D for MAC Professional develops a series of multiple media applications to insert in flipping 3D pages base on PDF to Flipping Book 3D for MAC standard version. It enables you to embed any number of video, image, hyperlink, movie, flash, YouTube, Photo Slideshow, audio, button, etc in any flipping 3D page on the premise of reserving all the primary functions and features of the standard version. The output 3D flipping books with multiple elements decorated look more attractive and practical than the common flipping effect widely use for electronic industry.


Compare with the standard version, the professional add the new feature of embedding multiple media files on any 3D flipping page.  These elements includes online or offline video, hyperlink, image, button, audio, etc. Among them, the introduction of hyperlink feature is so important that either you can insert hyperlink or page link which can be applied to all others. For example, you insert an image file on any flipping page meanwhile you can make it execute an action of opening a hyperlink. All these dynamic elements will make lively and magic 3D flipping book which would be the start of new era               of digital publication world.       

Intuitive Graphic 3D flipping and rolling True 3D Reading Experience

We rarely see a digital file can be flipped vertically like a real book especially those PDF, Office, RTP, Epub files, not to mention tilt. While, PDF to Flipping Book 3D for MAC Pro realize it. The traditional digital file ultimately can display like a lively book that we all have been familiar with. In fact, the 3D effect flipping book is better than those common book for the introduction of multimedia that you can insert any dynamic elements on flipping page. Now it is not just a literal book, it owns image, button, hyperlink, audio, video which make your book really magic.


User-Friendly API

realistic book effect.jpg

The whole interface consists of several columns. There are a few of settings under them. Each classification lists all the related options. You can find out any tiny functions rapidly reply on the definite Tab. The preview window is an important part of the application interface approximately accounts for 90. It looks intuitive and concise. Believe that nobody couldn’t use it with these straightforward designs.

SEO Friendly: All Text is Indexed By Search Engines


The output 3D flipping book can be searched by any search engine if you publish online and design some content for those search engines. As you know, the 3D flip book can be embedded in any existed webpage. Only if you optimize your webpage that includes the flipbook, any search engine spider can crawl along the hyperlinks and ultimately visit your website. Your wonderful 3D flipbooks must be more and more popular as the traffic increasing.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a powerful online tool produced by Google. It is a free service for all the website owner know well of their sites about traffic, target users geographic location, percent conversion, bounce rate, seasonal fluctuation, etc. You can set a new goal base on these data from GA. This real-time service should be the best way to boost sales.


Social Share and Easy Get Sharing Data


You can embed your flipping book in various social networks, Add social media platforms like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn to your online Flash Flip Book, encouraging deeper engagement across your social networks.. The users will be able to access your content without having to follow external links. you can easily share PDF Flip Book via email, insert to Facebook, Myspace or your website!



Free FlippingBook Templates



To build 3D flip flash book in a short time, PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro designs a template them panel which filled with predesigned theme that packages all the functions and features and in the form of well-structured template files. When you want to get flipping book with less time, it would be not bad choice. Actually, they look nicer sometimes than we do it ourselves.



Full Customization Settings


With using PDF to Flipping Book 3D Converter for Mac Pro , you can customize book title, logo, background, flip sounds and much more – almost everything can be customized easily:

  • Language Settings: Define your language for 3D FlippingBook. Define Text and tool tips language in the navigation menu
  • Customize Company Brand Identity  : Customize Navigation menu / Icons / Background / Video Player ; Insert your logo / image; Define book info, like author, website, email, instruction, and even HTML keywords, description and other metadata.
  • Toolbar Button Settings: Choose to enable or disable icons and online functions in the navigation menu like Zoomin, AutoPlay, Thumbnail, Background Sound, Print single page - PDF download - Send to a Friend - Page Flip sound - Search engine etc.
  • Add a variety of features including background color, zooming, and other effects so you can have different reading options, giving your book a nice touch
  • Embed Multimedial files: click Edit Page to enter into the interface of dynamic elements editing window. You can embed video, YouTube, Image, hyperlink, button, etc in any 3D flipping pages.

Mac and Windows versions




The 3D flipping books created by PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro are available for both Windows and Mac platforms.  Both them shows you the full features of the 3D flipbooks. Your reading life would be fulfilled significance with the modern technology. The APP format is specific for MAC computer as a standalone format runs on MAC without any other software assisted.



OutPut Types: HTML & APP

2 output types HTML & APP

The output flash flipping book can be exported with following options:

  • Create online flipping book for websites publishing in the form of HTML & Flash (SWF)
  • Create offline flipping book as APP for Mac without multimedia embedded.

Technical specifications - flexibility and 24 / 7 / 365 days e-mail support

Technical specifications

1. Optimized FlippingBook for 1024 x 768 resolution, your readers will get the best experience and avoid scrolling to see complete layout ;

2. Browser compatibility: Chrome • NetScape • Safari • Firefox • Explorer • Mozilla • Chrome • AOL

3. Unlimited online views and broadband.

4. 24 / 7 / 365 days e-mail support and 12 hours guaranteed replies for paying accounts.

5. Publish up to 1500 pages in order to avoid limits with your readers local computers and browsers



One-time fee, unlimited conversion

One-time fee, unlimited conversion

Once you have purchased the software, you can use the program to convert an unlimited number of PDF files to any number of page-flipping eBooks. No subscription feeno conversion feenot limited to a single website

Free upgrade for ever

Free upgrade for ever

Upgrades are always free. Once you have purchased the software, you can use it forever. We reserve the right to raise price for later versions, but you don't need to pay one cent for upgrading.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe our software is exceptional value and work very hard to make sure this remains true. If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, you will receive a full refund. Just request a refund by emailing us at

Product Features

1.            Convert PDF to flash flippingbook with 3D page turning effect on Mac OS X (lion).

2. Allows us to embed video, movide, online YouTube, image, hyperlink, button, audio, etc dynamic multimedia file in any flipping 3D pages.

3.            Provide an enhanced, entertaining and active True 3D reading experience.
4.            Define quality and size for imported PDF pages.
5.            Apply a 20+ pre-designed template.

6.            Flip book background music, volume and on / off ; Integrated, turn page click sound, upload your own sound (MP3) 
7.            Export and save settings or projects for future use.
8.            Define book Title & Caption.
9.            Enable Auto Flip with setting Flip Interval.
10.            Set Flash buttons display language.

11.            Enable or disable icons and online functions in the navigation menu.
12.            Different kinds of render engine to choose, to avoid distortion for some special PDF files.
13.            Set page thickness and make book auto scale in different Flash containers.
14.          Input Presenter information such as name, website address, Email and details info to show in About Window.
15.          Choose color for Navigation Menu Tool Bar. Choose customized Background color.
16.          Insert your logo / image at the top of the navigation menu (visible all times for your readers).
17.          Pre-set tilt angle while opening the eBook.
18.          Set background with pure/gradient color or image directly.
19.          SEO and Google Analytics Integrated; Insert title and metatags descriptions and meta keywords.
20..          Enable readers to sharing via Facebook, Twitter, iGoogle, etc, Sharing Analytics supported.
21.          Varying utput forms: HTML, APP (for Mac computer), and Mobile Version.
•              HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online (with title, keywords and other metadata defined).
•             APP specific runs on Mac OS computers.

18.          Full off-line publication: the publication can be easily downloaded to an off-line version and burned to a CD. This finished CD can be taken with you to trade shows demonstrating your e-Catalog with videos in place on a laptop.

Output 3D flash magazines Features
With the 3D flash flipping book you have created, your user will be able to:

  • Realistic 3D page-flipping effect to read ebooks.
  • with dynamic elements of video, movie, YouTube, image, hyperlink, button, sound, etc.
  • Click navigational buttons to turn pages.
  • Turn Pages using your keyboard (arrows) or curser .
  • Thumbnails / index of all pages in your publication.
  • User friendly navigation, easy to navigate for all generations - ease to use.
  • Double-click or click zoom in/out button to zoom in or zoom out pages in multi-level.
  • Manually define Tilt Angle or wheel mouse to change angle to view eBook pages.
  • View pages thumbnails to go to interested page quickly.
  • Flip pages automatically.
  • Turn page-turning sound on/off.
  • View eBook detail information.
  • Share eBook URL via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Easy to contact you by e-mail link inside your online publication.
  • Add bookmark on pages as notes for later reading.
  • Print your document directly from within the e-book; Print, single page, or all pages (PDF).
  • View page-flipping eBook in full screen. Maximize browser window.
  • Auto scale function, browser window.
  • Open in the Browser to a specific page by adding a page index to your URL.

Here are some screenshots of version 2.0 below

Screenshots PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro

Three steps to create 3D flash flip eBooks from PDF

Steps of PDF to Flipping Book 3D for Mac Pro