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Rotate Product As 360 Fashion Pictures Seamlessly Show All Sides in a Flipbook

Have you ever seen some astonishing 3D product displays on shopping webistes? Do they look interesting and dependable? Are you interested in creating your own 3D & 360 product displays in your flipping brochures? You would be blocked by thinking about it is hard to realize. Actually, it is very easy only within 2 minutes. Don’t believe it? Let’s start.

Is it out of reach? No! However we should have some sequential pictures (they had better to be transparent PNG images focusing the main object) at first.

I Prepare fashion 360 pictures.

Firstly, we have to get sequential images of your product. You may need software, a turn table and camera. You know, we only sell software for flipping book build without providing you photo-taken devices. Maybe you could Google it to seek for a set of devices to take photos acts 360 rotating seamlessly for all sides display.

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Slow down or speed up the rotating product

Look at the spinning product. It might be too slow or fast couldn’t meet our needs. Of course, it is not changeless. PDF to Flipping Book 3D Professional Page Editor allows you to speed up or slow down. Surprisingly, there are many other useful settings to setup. Wait a moment! Let’s learn how to change speed firstly.

I Create an object to import 360 Product images of continuous

1 Start PDF to Flipping Book 3D Professional.
2 Click on middle-top button of Page Editor to enter into the multimedia editing box.
(If you read the post of “Rotate Product…360”, I did mention last time, you would know how to import continuous product images in flipping pages.  I will not repeat it here)
3 Create an object (hyperlink, image, flash, whatever) on the vertical tool bar, and then open the edit box by hitting the button of Set Action. Check the option of 360 Degree Product Present and then import the images of continuous you prepared already.

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What kind of link can be retained in the 3D flipbook

You may have heard PDF to Flipping Book 3D (Pro) can retain the links orient from your PDF file when they are becoming 3D flipping magazine. You never could know what kind of links it supports. Anyway, you would stern know after read off this post. On the opposite, you finally know why the link invalid after converted to flipbook of 3D.
We always meet these types of link as below:
(2) Page Link (Anchor)
(3) Email address
We have to insure 2 things done to make these links still valid when the PDF is converted to 3D flash book.

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Can we read 3D flipbook on Windows, Mac, IOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Win phone?

What’s the outcome look like that produced by PDF to Flipping Book 3D (Pro)? It is said that we can read the 3D book on all the platforms we have been familiar with in daily life. It seems that all kinds of digital handheld devices fill every corner of the world. We are transferring the emphasis of our life from the old style to better suit a new information age. Computer with Window or Mac operation system, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, even Windows phone, in fact, we can see them almost everywhere...

II HTML format of 3d flipping book for Window PK MAC...

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3D sphere product image presentation

In previous post, I introduced you how to embed 360 product presentation show all sides of your products to your clients. (Rotate Product As 360 Fashion Pictures Seamlessly Show All Sides in a Flipbook) We would like to add photo slideshow like an exhibit displays images one by one. Now it seems out of date for we can show the photos in other way. Have you ever seen images stick to the...

1 Launch at PDF to Flipping Book 3D Pro, click onto Editor Pages.
2 Select an object which could be hyperlink, image, button, flash, etc and then click on the button Set action on the right editing box.

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