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How to share my 3D flipbook online if I haven’t a website?

You know, our software produce many HTML form of flipping book specializing in publishing on web. People from any corner of the world can read the flipbook only if their computers are well networking. But before open your eyes about the wide world web, you might not know how to share the flipbook with other cyber citizen. Even you have a website own yourself. If you are, please try your hand at this tool DropBox that enable you upload your files on it and share with all the peoples online. Aim at those who haven’t website or are wondering how to publish the flipping books reach to the entire world web, it is very useful.

1 log in  then you should register an account. (There is a detailed audio and cartoon tutorial at the first webpage)
2 Download DropBox according to the steps the illustration show.

Teach you how to publish you 3D flipbook on DropBox
3 Install the downloaded exe file in your computer.
4 Open the DropBox directory and put your files in the folder of Public.
5 Right click the folder Public icon and then select DropBox à Browse on Dropbox website.
6 Right click any uploaded file and then copy its online URL.

Now, you can send the URL to other for sharing.



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