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How to upload my 3D flipbook to my website?

If you have had a website, you know that you have to upload your WebPages with FTP tools first for people visits online. If you will have a website, I think this tutorial will be very helpful as a started tutorial. As you see, PDF to Flipping Book 3D support these output types: HTML, ZIP, EXE and EPUB. If you want to mobile clients reach your books, also you can click on the option also make mobile version. Or if need CD distributing offline, you can burn the 3D flipbook to CD/DVD.

Before read the below content, we assume you have had a domain and bought a host and obtained the account and password.

Here, we only hit the type HTML (webpage). As webpage, you know, we should publish it only so that people can visit it from their browsers. Now assume that we have created a 3D HTML flipbook. Next, open your FTP software, next…

1 If you haven’t FTP software, please download one. I always use Filezilla.  
2 Enter the username and password of your host to log in.
3 Drag and drop all the output files of HTML in a folder (you should create a directory to hold all the 3D book flip files) in FTP directory that you have preset. (Note that you should put all the output HTML flipping 3D files in it).

For example, this URL is is your domain that connects your host. The red mark is the new directory you just created under the domain. Index.html is the webpage of 3D flipping book.


PDF to Flipping Book 3D download

PDF to Flipping Book 3D for MAC download