Committed to Create professional flash flippingbook from PDF, MS Word, images and PowerPoint slide shows and More!

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3D PDF to flipbook themes


Majestic Specializes in building Real 3D flipping papers

  • MAJESTIC builds the most professional digital 3D book in the shortest time.
  • The HTML5 book can be published online, package for email, portable devices, etc.
  • Just import in Flipping Book 3D maker series of products and then apply to any office files easily.
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Free True 3D flipping frameworks build perfect retroflex digital catalogs or magazines.


Majestic theme helps build different flash book from the dull digital books. These flash 3D flipbooks which are quoted from Majestic more vivid and special because it adopts the technology of 3 dimensional.  The beautiful bases decorated by the same type of pictures which show us the other wide world. You can almost put all kinds of digital files in those frameworks for their easily matching capacity. Your lifeless office files will be rotated and flipped seems you play it in your hands. It is so interesting that you can read a book online like sit at the desk or lie in bed.




Majestic Screenshots



majestic seascape



majestic city and seascape



majestic sky and seascape